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A cleansing stone, amethyst is light and dark purple stone with connections to Goddess and internal balance. The birthstone for February, its popularity has spun through royalty and believed to have been worn by St. Valentine.


Flashing it’s idyllic sea water blue shine to the beholder and popular for over 3000 years, the healing and tranquil nature of this stone makes it the ideal stone for meditation and yoga and a common gift to sailors and those travelling on the water.

Black Onyx

Worn throughout history by women to seeking protection and safety in the delivery of a child, this dark shade of Onyx possesses a more mysterious and subtle beauty apparently descending directly from the Goddess Venus of Ancient Greece and is found in cavities of lava.

Blue Sapphire

A popular and hard wearing stone, Blue Sapphire is the Birthstone of September and honoured for close to 5000 years because of the joy and fulfilment is can bring. Believed by early settlers to have given the sky its colour blue, it flashes magnificently a range of dark blue purple that will dazzle for hours. The stone received wide notoriety when worn by Princess Diana in 1980 and her Daughter in law Catherine 30 years later as engagement gifts.

Blue Topaz

Containing up to 20% fluorine water, its brilliant icy cool blue combines essences of wind, sky and water and is often worn and given to strengthen harmony and love between partners and friends. Particularly honoured by the Hindu faith for bringing protection and a harmonious life, its close link to fire is not just in name but also in the depth and layers of shine it beholds.

Cat’s Eye (Chrysoberyl)

A mystical and Spiritual stone, it is the original and most beautiful ‘cats eye’ stones. Found in lemony honey shades of yellow, a unique optical process gives the stone a band of light across its front resembling the eye of a cat. If held to the light, this ‘cat’s eye’ line will guide you in the future and bring wealth, generosity and good luck. It has held particular prominence in cabochon form since the late 1880s.


So special a stone it is said to have been a gift from the sun, its name comes from the particularly captivating lemon shade of yellow it shines. The stone is bright, invigorating and energising, especially worn in the winter months and in times of menstrual imbalance for women, for the life, energy and reinvigoration the sun has given it to will elevate cleanse your inner and outer power.

Notoriously popular in Art Deco and 1930s and 1940s, it was the stone of Hollywood.


It’s striking and unique crystalloid structure combines dispersal, refraction and reflection of light to give it its famous shine. The hardest of the gemstones, its name translates to the Greek ‘adamas’ meaning invincible being sought after and worn for 6000 years It has become the sign of engagement in the form of a ring, however it was a very popular five or three stone choice of the British Victorian era.


A favourite of the Egyptian Goddess Cleopatra and associated to the Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty, they believed the mesmerising shades of green have been made special because a Goddess lived within it. In shades of dark royal green to mid grass green, its therapeutic use to treat illness alongside its beauty makes it one of the more fascinating stones in history.

Hessonite Garnet

Offering the warmest shades of dark brown to heavy red, its shade commonly gives it the name ‘the cinnamon stone’. The Birthstone for January, it will bring good health and confidence if it is worn on the centre finger of your writing hand and commonly worn to offset trauma.


A stone of good luck, its distinctive colour and markings are held to be parts of the Northern Lights sky above Canada, where it was found in the mid 1700s. It is the ideal companion stone worn for new starts and endeavours, protecting the auras.

It’s unique range of optical beauty has it’s own word for it- labradorescence- and shimmers blue, violet and red with moments of neon above a smooth iridescent sheen.

Lapis Lazuli

A deep celestial blue stone with gold flecks, a distinctive and highly valued stone and a universal symbol of truth and wisdom. Its unique form of blobs of gold flecks sits irresistibly in the dull harmonic background of dark blue, differing across findings of the stone. Especially popular in Ancient Egypt and commonly given as a gift for courage.


Named not just for the magical milky white colour and flashes of light blue, its mysterious dimensional changes in colour are held to be directly reminiscent of the various phases of the moon. A Zodiac sign for Water, its mystery heightens if cabochon cut.


Here it is, the Opal Stone! The reason for my love and gemstones and my inspiration and born in October, it is my birthstone too! It’s name coming from the Greek ‘Opallios’, the spectrum of miniature rainbows on a cream white background bring beauty and fascination alike and well known for its harmonic and emotion enhancing qualities.

Pink Sapphire

A rarer shade of Sapphire, the Pink Sapphire is adorned with pink and purple shades and symbol of the Lotus Flower in Asian lore. Its white pink light reflection compliments all skin shades and is the stone of romance, female elegance and a more modern day choice for engagement ring.

Rose Quartz

A stone of compassion, it offers universal love and opens the heart at all levels and heals the heart chakra. Its white, light pink and subtle light rose opaque formation gives a beauty of softness still embracing of natural light whilst its history is focused on love and reconciliation. Legend says that Cupid, Roman God of Desire and Affection, gave it to earth as a gift of love passion and happiness for all and why it is so often given as a gift.


Very rare and one of the most precious gemstones in existence, the name ruby comes from the Latin ‘ruber’ meaning red. It holds status as a stone of love, energy, passion and zest for life. The Indians call this stone ‘Ratnanayaka’ meaning ‘Lord of the Gemstones’ and donated them to Krishna to guarantee a better next life and is still most commonly found and celebrated there.

Smokey Quartz

An alluring stone with huge versatility, the phrase ‘if in doubt choose quartz’ still lives true today. With its Smokey dark brown shades to hint of black and brown yellow, its transparency and shine is the most impressive of the darker stones. Celebrated for its anchoring and grounding attributes, it is connected to Mother Earth and said to combat anxiety and distress when held tightly in the hand.


Located and named after its place of finding in Tanzania in the 1960s. A majestic stone with colours poised between deep purple and vibrant violet, the optical ‘Pleochroic’ effect when the stone is turned gives the wearer wondrous dazzles of colour helping to connect body and mind and encourage wholeness and soothing with the purple base colours representing elegance and royalty.


Named from the Sinhalese term ‘turmali’ meaning ‘coloured crystal’ and discovered by the Dutch in the 1600s, the receptive nature of this stone draws peace and emotional clarity and very popular with creative people who enjoy its freedoms of the conscious and unconscious minds.


Celebrated for its intense semi translucent to opaque green blue combination of colour, its striking glow is the only gemstone to have had a colour named after it! Turquoise is the birthstone for December and most celebrated as a stone of healing, a conduit between Heaven and Earth. It has been seen as a spiritually significant stone of truth and wholeness.

Yellow Sapphire

Spend a moment to embrace the ice lemon and orange peel sparkle and your marital problems will soften! Alongside the crisp beauty of colour it holds strong links to the planet Jupiter and wisdom, health and knowledge.

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